Hemp Hearts: Benefits for Babies & Big Kids

by: Tiny Sprouts Foods 
Medically Reviewed by: Kerry Jones, MPH, RDN, LDN

Hemp hearts are the strongest of all seeds you can offer your little one…and by strength we mean it’s packed with a good amount of plant protein which offers many benefits to a developing child. From supporting full body growth, to building brain function and even playing a role in mood and sleep, hemp hearts are a great addition to your little one’s diet. Unlike flaxseeds and chia seeds, they don’t need to be ground or milled for optimal nutrient absorption - simply add into almost any food or beverage and enjoy!

Is hemp safe for children? How is it different from marijuana?

Hemp hearts are completely safe for children and an excellent addition to their diet. Many mistakenly confuse hemp with cannabis/marijuana. While they both do come from the same plant species, they are different in several ways:

  • Chemical Composition: Hemp seeds are not a drug and do not contain THC (or may contain trace amounts that have zero impact on the body). THC is the psychoactive compound that induces a ‘high’ feeling2. Marijuana on the other hand is a drug and has THC levels ranging from 1- 20%3.
  • Usage: Hemp has so many uses! Not only is it a nutrient-rich food through its seeds and oils, but other parts of the hemp plant are used to make clothing, shoes, paper, insulation and even biofuel4. Marijuana on the other hand can be used for medicinal purposes and most commonly for recreation.
  • Cultivation: Hemp is always densely grown outdoors, and the crops are predominately made of male plants. On the other hand, marijuana is also grown indoors in greenhouses and the predominately female crops are quite spaced apart5.
Hemp Hearts + Vitamin D & Probiotics - Tiny Sprouts Foods
Hemp Hearts + Vitamin D & Probiotics - Tiny Sprouts Foods
Hemp Hearts + Vitamin D & Probiotics - Tiny Sprouts Foods
Organic Hemp Hearts + Vitamin D & Probiotics
Organic Hemp Hearts + Vitamin D & Probiotics
Hemp Hearts + Vitamin D & Probiotics - Tiny Sprouts Foods

Organic Hemp Hearts + Vitamin D & Probiotics


Naturally loaded with all 20 amino acids, our Hemp Hearts + Vitamin D & Probiotics, pack a massive nutritional punch perfect for little brains & bodies that are growing at super speed! Little ones will thrive from the high-quality plant protein, iron and the perfect balance of healthy fats.

The addition of vitamin D & probiotics makes things easier on tiny tummies, helps build strong teeth & bones and strengthens immune health. Each toddler serving of our Hemp Hearts contains ONE FULL serving of probiotics (500 million CFU).

Suitable for ages 6M+. Comes in a convenient, resealable bag.


Sprinkle, mix or bake into your little one's favorite foods. The options are endless!

Refrigerate or freeze after opening and consume within 45 days for optimal freshness.


Organic hemp hearts, Bacillus Coagulans GBI-30 6086, organic plant-based cholecalciferol (vitamin D3). May contain traces of coconut.

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Medically Reviewed by:

Kerry Jones, MPH, RDN, LDN is a pediatric & maternal registered dietitian, nutrition consultant for Tiny Sprouts Foods, and owner of Milestones Pediatric & Maternal Nutrition. Her goal is to help transition women into motherhood and then continue to support them and their children as they grow. Learn more about nutrition for your family at www.milestonesnutrition.com

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