We are on a

to plant the seeds for

healthier childhood development


  • Making good nutrition easy, understandable & accessible.

  • Offering easy, convenient & nutrient-rich products that we give to our own children.

  • Leading with transparency, impact, integrity & fun in everything we do.

this is our PROMISE to you.

Seeds are the world’s TINIEST superfoods, packed full of all the essential nutrients your little one needs to develop and thrive.

Just ONE SERVING of Tiny Sprouts Organic Superseed Boosters will boost the nutrition of any food your child enjoys and support their health, development and wellbeing during the time they need it the most.

We are offering you an EASY WAY TO BOOST NUTRITION without the battle of changing your little ones fave food of the day. We help you make every bite count, so you can have the PEACE OF MIND you deserve.

Our Beliefs


    We are honest, authentic, ethical and fair. You can count on us to do the right thing.


    We never give up and work hard to achieve daily excellence, innovation and improvement.


    We believe in open communication in all areas of our business. We strive for fact-based leadership.


    We understand the challenges of our consumers and stakeholders and are committed to agility for their benefit.