Not just your regular bag of seeds .

Tiny Sprouts Organic Superseed Boosters are cold-milled & hulled for easy digestion and maximum nutrient absorption in little bodies. Each unique blend is fortified with vegan vitamin D & probiotics, which are essential to the health & well-being of children.

Our difference from seed to spoon

  • Easy to Use

    Our boosters offer the convenience of the perfect balance of nutrients and probiotics that children can benefit from daily. Just sprinkle & mix into any of their favorite foods!

  • Partner with Experts

    We partner with pediatric experts and seed industry specialists to bring you products perfectly designed for your little ones, so you can have full confidence in our food for your family.

  • Quality & Safety

    Quality and safety are of utmost importance to us. All our products are made in an FDA approved and HACCP certified facility. We taste, test & analyze every batch of food we create.

  • Packaged with Care

    We choose high quality & durable packaging to ensure the integrity of our products. Once packaged, our products undergo a unique process to remove the oxygen and are then vacuum sealed to ensure optimal nutrition & freshness.


Our Nutrition Council

  • Kerry Jones, MPH, RDN, LDN is a pediatric & maternal registered dietitian and owner of Milestones Pediatric & Maternal Nutrition. Her goal is to help transition women into motherhood and then continue to support them and their children as they grow. She supports children to help manage medical conditions, tackle picky eating and establish a good family relationship with food.

how we select our ingredients

Each of our boosters are crafted with your little one’s nutrition & well-being in mind. Each ingredient is thoughtfully selected and proportioned to achieve maximum nutrient contribution, while ensuring safety and palatability among picky little eaters (and non-picky eaters too!).

how we source our ingredients

We partner with only the best and most trusted suppliers to source ingredients that are good for your family and good for the planet. Each of our suppliers is committed to the highest ingredient quality and safety standards as it pertains to children's food products.

how we test our ingredients

Quality & safety are of utmost importance to us. Our ingredients are tested for identity, safety and purity every step of the way. We test:

  • Before ingredients are sent to us (by our suppliers)
  • During the manufacturing process (by our co-packer)
  • As the finished product (by a certified third-party lab that is approved by the Baby Food council)