we grew up at a time when kids
ate everything

There was limited knowledge about the importance of good nutrition for children and the notion around the ‘first 1000 days’ was non-existent. Our parents did not know that 90% of our brain was developed by age 5, and that every bite we ate could impact our health & wellbeing as adults. It was only our personal interest in improving our own health that led us to our passion for nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Seeds and other superfoods became an integral part of our daily diets and they are always stocked in our homes.


we became moms!

Naturally, we fussed over anything that impacted the well-being of our babies;

Are they gaining enough weight?
How can I get them to sleep longer?
Are they getting enough fiber, omegas, iron, calcium etc. from their diets?

With the awareness of the rising number of nutrient deficiencies in children, we were always looking for creative ways to naturally BOOST the nutrients going into their bellies....especially when they hit the ‘picky eating’ phase! We opted to hide pieces of kale in mac & cheese or spinach in muffins...but it did not take long for them to catch on and shake their little heads


Mealtime stress is real and feeding children can become deflating, exhausting and frustrating. This left us wondering...how can we naturally BOOST the foods our children were willing to eat? How do we make every bite count? How can we make small changes to BIG effect? Then we realized the solution was in our fridge the whole time.


we discovered superseeds!

These tiny, nutrient-rich powerhouses are PERFECT for fueling growth & development in little ones from as early as their first bites. From their itty-bitty size, neutral taste, and versatility, they are SO easy to add to almost ANY food!

It left us wondering why there were no seed or superfood products designed specifically for children when they are the ones who could benefit from their use the most?

The foundation of Tiny Sprouts ‘sprouted’ from this very notion.

tiny seeds. big health. peace of mind.

We believe #SuperkidsDeserveSuperfoods
from the very start.

Seeds are among the world's healthiest (and tiniest) superfoods, packed full of energy and nutrients that are vital to our children’s rapid growth and development.

We promise that a spoonful (or two or three!) of Tiny Sprouts Organic Superseed Boosters will naturally and easily boost the nutritional content of any food that our little ones eat, helping keep their diets healthy, while giving parents the peace of mind that we deserve.

JOIN US as we plant the seeds for healthier child development and create a world where nutritious meals are effortless & fun!

Kim & Tina

Founders, Tiny Sprouts Food