The Tiny Sprouts Foods Network

Superkids need superfoods from the very start! The boost our products offer help fill nutritional gaps that may exist ensuring that littles ones have all they need as they develop and grow. Our goal is to get our nutrient-rich Superseed Boosters into as many little tummies as possible to help children develop and thrive to their best potential. We need YOU (yes, you!) to help us make this happen!

Choose the program that best defines your reach below, so we know the best way to support you in helping us carry out our mission of healthier childhood development.

By joining Tiny Sprouts network, you are joining a community of like-minded individuals who share the goal of ensuring every child benefits from optimum nutrition from food, regardless of dietary restrictions, preferences and eating habits!

Which program is right for you?


who should apply?

Individuals with a large online presence that want to share our products with their audiences via social media, blogs, and/or email newsletters.

Partner with us and receive regular commission on all orders generated through your unique link!



who should apply?

Individuals in the health space, such as birth workers, dietitions, chiropractors, doctors or others in the health and wellness industry.

Partner with us in various ways and get free product and coupons to share with your clientele!


What's in it for you?

  • Free Sampler Box

    Enjoy our best-selling boosters with recipes & more shipped to you!

  • Early Access

    Be first to try any of our new product launches and even participate in product development!

  • VIP Status

    Enjoy an exclusive membership to our online community!

  • Regular Payouts

    Daily performance tracking and monthly payouts!